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After weeks of delays and three listening sessions in stadiums, Kanye West has released his “Donda” album, sort of.

Hell has frozen over, pigs are flying, and “Donda” has turned up on streaming services. Sort of. On Spotify there are different versions, in different orders, as playlists. On Apple’s iTunes, there’s a different version.

No word came this morning from Kanye’s record label. The thing has just appeared. There are lots of guest artists and no credits, so who knows what the samples are yet or how this thing is made. Lawyers will be poring over it.

“Donda” comes as hurricane “Ida” lands in New Orleans. Seems right. There’s a track called “Off the Grid,” which was supposed to be the name of Sean Puffy Combs’s new album next month. Coincidence?

“Remote Control” is very catchy. It’s still to be seen who actually wrote it.

Stay tuned…



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