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The tragedy of Eric Clapton continues.

(On Twitter, Clapton has said not a word about the death of Rolling Stones legend Charlie Watts, whom he knew for 50 or 60 years. Not a peep.)

Clapton says he had a terrible reaction to his COVID vaccination. His response is to urge the public not to get vaccinated. This makes no sense, and is dangerous.

Clapton was a drug addict for years before cleaning himself up and becoming a rehab advocate. But the damage he did to his body is unknown. And the effect of any medication on him would be certainly much different than the average healthy human being.

What he’s doing now is dangerous and stupid. He’s issued a second anti-vax single, this one called This Has Gotta Stop. He’s right: what has to stop his idiotic behavior and poor judgement.

There’s also a very poorly thought out lyric in this song. One of the lines is “Thinking of my kids, what’s left of them.” Clapton’s son, Conor, died famously, tragically falling out a window at age 4 in 1991. Clapton subsequently had a hit single, one of the biggest of his career, “Tears in Heaven.” That line in the song seems very glib and kind of cruel.

My own father died last December from COVID before there was a vaccine. I wish to God he’d lived long enough to get the shots. I do find the anti-vaxxers completely repulsive in their selfishness and short sightedness. When I raced to get my mother her vaccination last March I had no idea that there might be people who would be against it. But mental illness has overtaken our society in many realms. That’s what’s gotta stop.

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