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Originally I was going to write that William Shatner, who turned 90 in March, was planning to attend a fan convention called Wizard World in Chicago this October. How crazy this that?

It also turns out that Shatner has made an album, with videos, put out by Jonas Brother Joe on his record label. This morning he released two videos, “Clouds of Guilt,” and “So Far from the Moon.” Jonas sings on the former, Brad Paisely on the latter.

On “Guilt,” Shatner notes that missing a friend’s funeral– “Star Trek” co-star Leonard Nimoy– was a mistake. “That stung for years,” he chants. He also mentions a litany of personal failures and successes, from his marriages to taking credit for the Apollo moon launch.

He is irrepressible. You gotta love him. From his legendary “Twilight Zone” appearances to “Star Trek” to the crazy commercials, Shatner has never loosened his grip on celebrity. And he’s Canadian! And Jewish! What a combo!

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