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Diane Warren wrote all these songs. And they are all hits. “The Cave Sessions” is a rogue’s gallery of hits from superstars, vets, and hot newcomers. They’re in English, they’re in Spanish. They have hooks that will get stuck in your head right now. Rita Ora– “Seaside” and LP– “Domino” — are my lead offs. But then you start to dig in and hear all these melodies and cool turns of phrase. Maren Morris, Ty Dolla Sign, Celine Dion, John Legend all in one space? Celine– this “Superwoman” reminds me of her Jim Brickman song, “It’s All Coming Back to Me” — which is great because Warren gives her some BITE. John Legend– finally singing a great song after a long stretch of being stuck in the mud. LP– a she? a they? a them? “Domino” is radio ready. And Rita Ora and Sofia Reyes know when they’re singing it that “Seaside” is a radio smash.

Press play, kids.

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