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The “Downton Abbey” sequel is shooting away, will miss the Oscar deadline and get released next March.

The second movie from the makers of the popular TV series is now called “Downton Abbey: A New Era.” It may be the finale for this whole enterprise, too. I’ll tell you why.

Undoubtedly, Maggie Smith’s Violet, the Dowager Countess, bites the dust in this one. She announced she had cancer in the last one. She’s also, as Maggie Smith says, 150 years old by now.

The timeline for “Downton” is not moving quickly. It’s still like 1926 or so. They’re not going to get into the worldwide economic crash of 1929. But the actors are getting older. Even with makeup, it’s going to get ridiculous soon.

We’re coming to the end of the story anyway. Branson is going to marry the illegitimate cousin, the daughter of Imelda Staunton’s character, reclaim the Downton legacy and money, and everyone’s going to live happily ever after. Or at least in our minds. When the markets crash, the Nazis come, and World War II starts, no one will be the wiser.

So let’s get ready for “A New Era” next March. We’re going to love it no matter what!

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