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From “Blossom” to “The Big Bang Theory” to “Jeopardy!”

Mayim Bialik has been chosen to tape three weeks as temporary host of the game show following the ouster of Mike Richards.

Bialik had already been tapped as host for specials and spin offs. It was thought that she didn’t have time to do regular hosting because she’s involved in the second season of her Fox sitcom, “Call Me Kat.”

But it looks like she worked it out. A week of “Jeopardy!” tapes in one day, so it’s three days work for Bialik equaling three weeks. And who knows? Maybe the two shows will complement each other and boost ratings for each.

Richards taped two weeks of shows before he was forced to step away, so those shows will run first, then Mayim’s shows will follow. “Jeopardy!” says there will be more guest hosts to come. Maybe they’ll give shots to Laura Coates and Alex Faust, as well.



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