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Two big doings in TV today:

CBS Morning News anchor and brilliant journalist Anthony Mason got dissed by CBS News this morning. They’ve ousted him from anchoring with Gayle King and Tony Doukupil. Mason is being replaced by ex NFL player Nate Burleson.

It’s insulting and ridiculous. Mason is the only reason many people watch the third rated network news show. No offense to Gayle and Tony, but Anthony has the experience and gravity needed to anchor the show. They’re throwing him a sop– he’s going to be arts and culture correspondent for the network. It’s total BS. I hope CNN or NBC or ABC swoop in and do something for him.

Over at “Jeopardy,” Executive Producer Mike Richards has appointed himself permanent host. His background of lawsuits at “The Price is Right” didn’t matter. But because this looked back, CBS — which syndicates the show– threw in Mayim Bialik in their announcement to host specials and a spin off show, whatever that means. I’ll take “The Fix Is In” was four hundred.

Back to Mason: apparently working your way up through the network, doing your job brilliantly, and being loyal wasn’t enough for him to be rewarded with keeping his job. It’s an old song, and I’m tired of hearing it.


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