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A few days ago I told you about the tragic death of David LaCock, son of “Hollywood Squares” legendary host Peter Marshall.

Now David’s brother, Pete, has written to me. I had asked if anyone could tell me if David had been vaccinated. Here is Pete’s answer:

“Despite the rest of the family pleading with him, he was not vaccinated. I’m sure he would still be here if he had.

“We’re hoping the needless death of my brother might urge others to get the vaccine. He was incredibly healthy, still surfing every day at the age of 68.
Thank you for your interest and your kind words.”

David LaCock was a young man and looked pretty healthy from his pictures. He was a son, father, husband. His father, Peter Marshall, is 95, and has now lived long enough to suffer the loss of a child– the worst thing ever for any parent.

My condolences to the LaCocks/Marshalls. Please everyone get vaccinated. There are no excuses!

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