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Some people are getting twitchy waiting for the release of Kanye West’s still MIA “Donda” album.

Jack Dorsey, who owns Twitter and the streaming service, Tidal, wrote this on Twitter yesterday:” And…this is unlikely and maybe against the creative process…but it would be incredible if @kanyewest
put out #DONDA as it is now and continued to update it until he feels it’s “finished”…so we can all witness the work evolve in real time.”

This might indicate that Dorsey, whose ownership of Tidal means he’s a degree or so apart from former Tidal partner Kanye, knows as little as anyone else about what’s going on. “Donda” has had two public listening sessions but no release.

Kanye has turned the whole thing into a circus, living at an Atlanta stadium, allegedly sleeping in a cell like room, keeping a staff working 24/7 on what is essentially the Emperor’s New Clothes. And those clothes include a red rubber looking jacket that is already sold out at the Gap for one hundred dollars. (Dress like a tomato!)

Well, Jack may be on to something, except one reader pointed out that Kanye did the whole work in progress release thing with “The Life of Pablo,” a sales dud that also missed several release announcements.

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