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Peter Marshall, beloved famed host of the original “Hollywood Squares,” is mourning hthe death of his son from COVID. Dave La Cock was 68 and lived in Hawaii. (La Cock is Marshall’s real last name.)

Marshall, 95, wrote on Twitter: “In loving memory of my free-spirited son, David, whom we just lost to COVID. He was joyful, beautiful, magnificent, giving, doting & talented. He made this a better world. He made our family’s lives sweeter. I urge you to get vaccinated-if not for yourself, for those you love.”

LaCock was a pineapple farmer, artist (painter), and a hippie in the best sense of the word from what I can tell. But according to a GoFundMe Page he was hit with COVID on June 30th and went into a rapid decline. On July 5th David was intubated and put on a ventilator. You can read the whole story here on that page.It’s unclear if LaCock was vaccinated. (Anyone with that info you’re welcome to email us at showbiz411@gmail.com.)

A couple of years ago, Peter Marshall came into New York from California to celebrate a documentary about “Dick van Dyke Show” actress Rose Marie at Sardi’s. I had the pleasure of meeting him there, and walking with through Shubert Alley afterwards. He was just the nicest guy, a real gentleman, and this must be a blow to him and his family. Condolences to all of them.

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