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The combined total of Thursday previews and last night’s premiere are a little disappointing for the raved about DC Comics film, “The Suicide Squad.”

The box office came in at just $12.5 million, meaning the weekend will total around $28 million. Compare that to “Black Widow” from a few weeks ago which had a $40 million opening.

New fears about COVID variants are making audiences more cautious about hitting the movie theaters. Luckily “The Suicide Squad” is on HBO Max, so people can see it there. But really good films like “Stillwater” and “The Green Knight” (don’t ask me, I haven’t seen it) which aren’t on streaming are suffering from small attendance.

One blockbuster that has fizzled is “Jungle Cruise,” which dropped 67% from last Friday and is heading into “Titanic” waters not in a good way with $54 million at the box office. And that one is available on streaming via Disney’s Premier Access.


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