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If you love super hero or action movies, or just witty movies with lots inside jokes, you don’t want to miss “The Suicide Squad” this weekend.

James Gunn has really made a terrific piece of entertainment. Last night, previews brought in $4.1 million. It’s better to see “TSS” on a big screen, but you can access it also on HBO Max.

Margot Robbie could get an Oscar nomination for playing Harley Quinn. In the first “SS”: movie, Harley was arresting enough to give her a solo film, “Birds of Prey.” I cannot say more strongly how this is leaps and bounds beyond those films. Just forget them. She is gorgeous, glowing, cute, capable, and insane. Some have said demented, but in the best way.

Idris Elba and Viola Davis, two tremendous talents, give “TSS” heft. Elba should have been doing this kind of stuff a long time ago. Who needs Nelson Mandela when you can play the rat-fearing Bloodsport? And there are tons of cameos and featured players woven into the story.

Put on a mask. sit socially distanced, and see “The Suicide Squad.” You’ll feel better for it!


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