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Say goodbye to Best Actor and Best Actress.

In an effort to really complicate things, the Gotham Independent Film Awards are doing away with gender and the distinctions of men vs women in awards.

From now on, they’re just giving Best Performance in Lead and Supporting. There will be 10 nominees in each category, but  it’s entirely possible that more “men” than “women” will wind up being nominated.

“Actresses” are not going to like the outcome, I can tell you now. Every year it’s a big deal to field enough actresses in each category for all awards shows. The number of men, or actors, is always larger. So this should be very interesting.

Additional category updates for 2021 include the creation of a Breakthrough Nonfiction Series award (previously included with fiction series) and the eligibility of international documentaries in the Best Documentary Feature category. The Gotham Awards will also be adding the first acting category within its Breakthrough Series categories with Outstanding Performance in a New Series. There will be up to ten nominees in each of the three new categories including Outstanding Lead Performance,Outstanding Supporting Performance and Outstanding Performance in a New Series.
Also the Breakthrough Actor award is being changed to Breakthrough Performance.
This is new world, kids. It’s also very PC, and you’re not allowed to say a word against it. So don’t. I’m warning you.
Will the Oscars try this? I don’t think so. But you never know.

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