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John Travolta has reportedly sold off another big real estate property in Florida, this time for $4 million. He bought the place in 2017 for $3 million.

Earlier this year Travolta unloaded his Maine waterfront estate for many more millions. He and Kelly Preston lived there for years. There were 20 bedrooms!

With these sales, Travolta is down to his primary property with the planes and landing strip in Ocala, and a house in gated Calabasas, California. The Ocala property is situated within something called Jumbolair, a gated community that was itself for sale two years ago for $10.5 million. That’s where Travolta kept a Boeing 737 plane of his own. It’s unclear if he still owns that, as well.

So we’re not weeping for him. But what’s going on here?

What’s going on is that Travolta, who has a high level of living, hasn’t made a movie with decent box office since “Savages” in 2012. And that one only had a worldwide box office of $82 million.

BEfore that was a 2008 film no one remembers called “Bolt,” which somehow made $328 million worldwide.

Travolta has made at least 11 movies since 2013 that have not just lost money but not made any. Almost all have gone straight to video, the trash heap, they were so bad that even airlines wouldn’t take them. Between his lifestyle and tithing huge amounts to Scientoliogy, at this point Travolta would need some cash. So the sell off begins.


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