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Behind the Scenes at “The Suicide Squad” Premiere: Margot Robbie, Jon Cena, James Gunn Tell All


Judging from the wildly enthusiastic crowds lining the  streets of Westwood at the Regency Village theater  last night for “The Suicide Squad” premiere, Warners is sure to have a massive hit on its hands.

Director James Gunn introduced the movie and was effusive in his praise for all those who worked with him. He started with one  of the film’s producers, the noted Charles Roven, saying, “Chuck gave me my first studio movie, took me aside and taught me how to direct.  I’ll love him forever for that.” Gunn went on to thank the celebrated cast which he called, “The greatest cast in the world, they’re talented and incredible, honestly and I mean this, not a bad apple in the bunch.  I’ve never been such a part of a humongous large cast and not a single dick among them! I love you guys.”

Gunn then introduced the cast, and when it was John Cena’s turn, Cena who plays Peacemaker and was ready made dressed up in his movie costume garb, got up and got his attention grabbing moment as he playfully brandished his extra-long pistol at the audience.  Sylvester Stallone was next, he plays the man eating humanoid King Shark, Gunn noted, “I have a friend, I wrote a role for him, I called him up and said I wonder if you can this role?  He said you wrote the role for me? I said yeah?  Well what is it Sly asked? I said that it was a really dumb walking shark.  Sly said, ‘I’m in!”

Gunn then introduced Margot Robbie, who is simple scene stealing as Harley Quinn by saying, “She can do anything but sing and draw. It’s embarrassing actually.”  To which Robbie playfully got her revenge and flipped him the bird.  Gunn gave a shout out to John Ostrander, who created the modern incarnation of “Suicide Squad,”  who as he pointed out, ‘the movie wouldn’t exist without him which prompted a huge cheer from the geeks in the crowd.

I asked Gunn later at the after party what makes him so good at directing ensembles?  He explained, “I guess it’s coming from a family of six kids, you get use to navigating it all with a sense of humor!” I happened to run into Margot Robbie, looking impossibly chic in a white Chanel jumpsuit,  in the bathroom where she was her usual gracious self, thanking everyone in the loo, and telling me after at the party that, “I never had so much fun working on a movie.  Pure fun!”

Leah Sydney
Leah Sydney
Leah Sydney writes from Los Angeles for A seasoned journalist with a long history during the halcyon days of the NY Daily News, Leah is a member of the Critics Choice and Rotten Tomatoes.

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