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People went to the movies this weekend but not in droves. And in one case just not enough.

That would be Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise,” which took $34 million at the Box office and maybe $30 mil more on Disney Premiere Access. But it’s not enough! This movie cost $200 million. This is going to be a long slog. They’ve picked up $27 million abroad, but more, more, more! Not a hit by any stretch. Not a disaster, Yet.

“Green Knight” from A24 got a lot of hype but not much love from the audience. Just under $6.8 million weekend. Love Dev Patel but really have no interest in this. Since no one from A24 responded, I will venture into a theater this week for my Rotten Tomatoes review.

M. Night Shyamalan’s “Old” got “old” fast. Total take is now $30 million. Not surprised since this is not a movie anyone would want to see again, let alone the first time.

Really in worse shape is the G.I. Joe movie “Snake Eyes,” basically dead after 2 weeks at $27 million.

Kudos to Focus Features for wrangling $4 million so far from “Roadrunner,” the Anthony Bourdain doc that had some controversy surrounding the director inventing dialogue for the deceased globe trotting gourmand. That’s a much better showing than “Summer of Soul,” and at least this one was original.

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