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Billie Eilish can breathe a sigh of relief. Even if it’s shortlived, her second album is a hit.

“Happier than Ever” was released at 9pm west coast time in Los Angeles and proceeded  to sell 145,000 copies through Sunday.

Two thirds of the sales were physical– LPs, CDs, and downloads. The rest was from streaming.

Ironically, no single has taken off from the album although the title track, “Happier than Ever,” has gotten as high as number 24 on iTunes.

This should be happy news for the 19 year old since she released five singles ahead of the album and three of them were strikes, not hits.

I tried the album and the only song I thought had some energy was “My Future.” But the album is not for me, it’s for teen girls.

The songs themselves wouldn’t seem to much potential life apart from the album. They’re personal in a specific way and don’t have much in the way of melodies. But it’s the power of a 19 year old speaking to her peers that’s selling the copies. And traditionally, you can”t beat that.

Hitsdailydouble.com think  “Happier” will go to 220,000 copies by Thursday night. Meanwhile, there are new albums this week from Prince, Julia Fordham, and the Bleachers that I’d rather be listening to.

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