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It’s hard to make a record when no one actually plays an instrument.

Kanye West’s producer, Mike Dean, has sent out an urgent message on Twitter. He writes:” does anyone now where I can buy an antelope Goliath hd gen 3 asap?”

Dean is presumably hunkered down at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta trying to piece together Kanye’s “Donda” album. The Goliath is a $7,000 audio interface. You can plug lots of stuff in it when you’re mixing and mastering an album, especially one made of different pieces.

Dean– a man who must have unlimited patience for mishegos— also posted a short video showing off his set up. He also Tweeted he’s “no hostage” — “I”m at home mixing.”


Just PS the cost of working on “Donda” at the stadium has to be astronomical. And that’s besides Kanye having a studio in Los Angeles, maybe a couple to choose from. Putting all those people up in Atlanta, paying the stadium rent, etc. Money is no object!

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