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The world is in lockdown. Why not flaunt your wealth and stupidity? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, currently on a public romance campaign designed solely to attract the press, went on a stroll today in Capri. The press followed them, naturally. Are they going shopping? Nah. They’re just preening, getting attention the way Sally Field did in the mall in “Soapdish.”

The first time these two were together, you could understand all this. But she has two kids, he has three, it’s the summer, and where are they? Why, they’re with nannies or a custodial parent. I wonder what it’s like to be home playing vodeo games or whatever kids do and these stories pop up on the iPads.

“Hey, look, Mom/Dad is preening around in Capri. He was grabbing her butt on a yacht yesterday.”

These kids will have great books. I want to read them now!

It’s a shame about Ben Affleck, too. Meantime, Matt Damon is the subject of a terrific profile in the NY Times, accepting kudos for “Stillwater.”

PS Some romance! There are at least two American publicists with them, not to mention JLO’s manager, Benny Medina. And I love the publicist dressed in pseudo AFrican chic clothes telling the video guy, “You have enough.”

Here’s Benny and a publicist:

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