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I love this story.

“Falcon Crest” star Lorenzo Lamas is getting married for the 6th time. Why not? He has the lineage. Listen to this:

His mom, Arlene Dahl, is absolutely still alive. On August 11th she turns 96! Come on! Arlene’s had 6 husbands herself. She’s been married to Marc Rosen, obviously a younger man, since 1984. And they said it wouldn’t last!

Arlene was a big star in the 50s. Her second husband was another big star, Fernando Lamas. (She was his third wife.) Lorenzo, 63, is their son. Are you following this? Fernando Lamas was a Latin star before there was Latino or Latinx. Billy Crystal lampooned him famously on “SNL” wearing an ascot and red smoking jacket, with “You look mahvelous” routine, also “It’s better to look good than to feel good.”

Fernando had just four wives. but countless lovers. He died youngish, at 67, from cancer. Lorenzo no doubt has that in the back of his head. Fernando’s final wife was the swimming movie star, Esther Williams.

Lorenzo has six children from those 5 wives, some of whom are probably older than the new fiancee. Who cares? Sean Penn’s new wife is a year younger than his daughter. Mick Jagger has children who are younger than his grandchildren. We are not dealing with reality here. It’s better to look good than to feel good! And you look mahvelous!

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