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Tech talk: Laylo, you got me on your knees. Not Layla. (Eric Clapton’s on the out list right now.)

Todd Boehly — he owns 20% the LA Dodgers, the Hollywood Reporter, and Dick Clark Productions, among other things — is investing a big piece of cash in Laylo, a new online platform.

Boehly is the yin to Jay Penske’s yang, the dueling Hollywood moguls who are busy buying up whatever looks interesting. His outfit is called Eldridge, and Laylo is described as a “full featured customer relationship management platform empowering content creators to identify, connect with, and grow their fan bases.”

What? Here’s the story: Laylo was founded in 2017 by music industry veterans Alec Ellin, Chief Executive Officer, and Saj Sanghvi, Chief Technology Officer. “The platform gives creators the ability to efficiently identify and communicate directly with their fans, including automatic notifications for new releases of content, merchandise, and events. In less than five minutes creators can build landing pages for upcoming drops and own their data; harness audience data to drive more streams, sales, and engagement; and notify their fans via text, e-mail, Facebook Messenger, or Discord when a drop becomes available.”

It’s about staying in touch, big time. Boehly’s investment brings Laylo’s total funds raised to more than $5 million.

Boehly was a Guggenheim Partner when he got the idea to buy the Hollywood Reporter, one of the firm’s assets. He got Billboard in the package, picked up Dick Clark Productions, and started MRC, which put money into movie companies A24 and Fulwell (in Britain). He merged the media parts with Jay Penske’s PMC, but kept his hand in the game this summer when he made a bid to take over the Golden Globes from the Hollywood Foreign Press. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So we’ll check out laylo.com, and start building a fan base!



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