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Sing after me: No Donda no cry, no Donda no cry.

There is no actual sign of Kanye West’s “Donda” album. The exact thing happened one year ago this week. He announced it, released album art, and never produced anything.

TMZ says he’s moved into Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, where he had his circus like Emperor Has No Clothes presentation last week. He played snippets of “music” and stood in the middle of the papered stadium, crying over his lost marriage. It was PR writ large with a big dose of bipolar.

Kanye has since been seen wandering around Mercedes Benz stadium during other events, like the ghost of Hip Hop past. The implication is that he never left, or that he couldn’t leave. Various minions post to social media that he’s settled in there and working hard to make the album.

I don’t think it will happen. And if it does, someday — they’re saying now August 6th — it will be a bust. He’s lost a lot of his audience over his politics, Trump, “Slavery is a choice,” and so on.

I’d be more concerned that he’s wearing a reddish orange jacket that looks flammable. Is this part of his line for the Gap? They must be having a heart attack. Millions have been spent by the Gap on Kanye to revive themselves. This will end in tears, no doubt.

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