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Here’s a surprise box office update.

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” dropped 77% last night from last Friday, and its legs are buckling.

King LeBron James and the Warner Bros. souvenir store were literally booming last weekend. They beat “Black Widow” in its second weekend, which launched a plethora of “Marvel is over,” “Marvel is boring” stories.

Hahaha. Well, LOL. Last night “Black Widow” took “Space Jam 2” handily. “BW” has $146 million in the bank, they’re fine, thanks.

On the other hand, “Space Jam 2” with no legs is of concern. It’s still playing very very wide in 4,000 theaters. Are fans watching it at home on HBO Max? Are they not watching it at all because the reviews and word of mouth were bad?

The Olympics will definitely keep people home this weekend. But “Black Widow” — like “Cruella” before  it– seems to have found new life. “Cruella” is going to wind down around $86 million, which is fine. But “Black Widow” will end the weekend around $152 million or better and is still going..

“Summer of Soul” is wrapping up around $2 million, excellent for an archival film. Will the Academy allow it in the Oscars given its material played on TV around the world years ago? Remains to be determined. Will the artists in the film share in its gross receipts? Will there ever be a soundtrack?

Some of these cliffhanger questions will be answered tomorrow.

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