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Machine Gun Kelly is an overly tattooed performer– actor/singer– whose real name is Colson Baker. He and his tabloid actress girlfriend Megan Fox appear in the latest direct to video B movie of former star Bruce Willis called “Midnight in the Switchgrass.”

On Twitter yesterday, Kelly wrote: “if i don’t talk or tweet about a movie i’m barely in it’s because it’s [emoji for trash].”

Kelly appears in the movie but is uncredited. Much has been made in the supermarket tabs of Kelly and Fox appearing in a “movie” together for the first time. They’re like the bargain bin version of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They know from trash, believe me.

Still, “Switchgrass” must be pretty bad with Machine Gun Kelly doesn’t like it. He’s not alone. On Rotten Tomatoes, “Switchgrass” — which boasts 25 producing credits — merited a lowly 13% among critics who forced themselves to see it.

This is the latest Bruce Willis “movie” to be made for no particular reason, using the “Die Hard” star as a lure but much else. It’s unclear how much Willis understands how these movies have diluted whatever legacy he had even in action films. There are now dozens of them, movies in which he shows up briefly, has little to say, was clearly filmed over one day, and so on. Yet he’s star billed and his picture is used in the posters and advertising.

Blogger Sean Burns wrote on Rotten Tomatoes: “I found myself envying Bruce Willis, who didn’t have to be around for any of this. Not even the scenes that he’s in.”

Willis seems so unaware of what movies he’s in and what their substance that he’s actually scheduled to be in one called “Bandits” having forgotten that he starred in a really good Barry Levinson movie back in 2001 called “Bandits” with Cate Blanchett and Billy Bob Thornton. Maybe he thinks it’s a remake of that one.

Here’s the trailer for “Switchgrass,” in which Willis barely speaks, or appears:

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