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Oh Lorde.

The New Zealand born pop star, singer of the one hit wonder “Royals,” is having as bad a summer on the charts as Billie Eilish.

Lorde’s new single, “Stoned at the Nail Salon,” was released at midnight. It went to number 100 on iTunes and now is at 117. It’s basically DOA. UPDATE SATURDAY Now number 197.

This follows Lorde’s first single from her new album dying on the vine. The only difference was that “Solar Power” was ridiculed for being a rip off of George Michael’s classic hit, “Faith.”

So that’s two strikes before the album, also titled “Solar Power,” hits us on August 20th.

Eilish has had three flop singles in a row before her album, “Happier than Ever,” comes out on July 30th.

Where are all the teen girl fans? In Lorde’s case, it may just be she waited too long. Her last album, also not a hit, was four years ago. She didn’t secure her audience, and they grew up. Adele should take note.


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