Home Celebrity McCartney III Imagined Re-launched Today After April Take Off Crashed (See Video)

It’s deja vu all over again.

Back on April 16th, Paul McCartney released “McCartney III Imagined,” a version of his critically acclaimed  “McCartney III” album with other artists’ remixes.

Nothing happened. The album sold around 9,000 copies.

Today it’s being re-launched with a cool new video of Beck and McCartney’s remix of “Find My Way.” Maybe this will stimulate sales. It could be they backed off the April 16th date when they realized Paul’s wonderful Hulu documentary series would be on this month. Who knows?

Anyway, “McCartney III” should be nominated for the Grammys this coming year in Traditional Pop Album. It’s a terrific piece of work. “Imagined” is a lot of fun.

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