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Korean KPop boyband BTS panicked when they realized their single “Permission to Dance” was a dud. Sales for two weeks come to 200,000 despite their insistence that it’s a hit. (No one likes the facts.)

So today they dropped a whole new version of the song, calling it the R&B version. No one in the group is Black and the song has nothing to do with actual R&B. But they’ve slowed it down and added a LOT of augmentation. It’s been remixed to sound like BoyzIIMen circa 1995.

This version went straight to number 5 on iTunes today. The old version is further down the chart.

Let’s see if the “R&B” version makes a difference. You can hear them each below, and compare away. What’s next? How about the country version?

Permission to Dance Original version

Permission to Dance (R&B version)

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