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A lot of things are going on this morning…

THE ROLLING STONES, THE WORLD’S GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND are hitting the road. Beginning September 26th they’ve got a bunch of west coast and midwest dates for their “No Filter” tour. Pandemic be damned!  No East Coast this time, but they are playing the New Orleans Jazz Festival on October 13th. God bless the Stones who I am sure are all vaccinated. Eric Clapton may not go near them! (PS The tour is sponsored by something called the Alliance for Lifetime Income, which is what you’ll need after paying for these tickets. Kidding! They are so worth it! )

ANNE HATHAWAY‘s ex con criminal ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri is sad because the Oscar winner stopped talking to him years ago after he was arrested for fraud. LOL. Follieri lied to everyone and solicited $50 million saying he was going to buy unused churches from the US Archdiocese. Raffaello kept the money instead. The scheme was called the Vati-con. He got five years in the pokey. He’s lucky Hathaway just stopped talking to him. Hathaway’s dad is a lawyer, for god’s sake. I think this shows great restraint and courage on her part. She went on to marry a great guy and have two kids. Leave her alone.

DENIS VILLENEUVE, director of the new “Dune,” is one of four people who will get special awards in September at the Toronto International Film Festival. His other films include “Sicaro,” “Blade Runner 2049,” and “Arrival” (which I loved). He’s also Canadian, so that helps. The other honoree announced today is one of the most acclaimed Indigenous directors in the world, Alanis Obomsawin. Congrats to both! 

ADRIENNE WARREN will return to play Tina Turner in “Tina: The Musical” in October for a short victory lap.  Presumably she’s going to win the 2020 Tony Award on September 26th for this work. She’s extraordinary in the role and she’s had to wait a long time for that gold statue! Who will replace her after this run? Those are tough wigs to fill!

’60s and 70’s MUSIC is all over the charts. So we’re excited that PETER ASHER of Peter & Gordon fame is coming to City Winery July 26th and 27th with Kate Taylor (James’s Sister Kate) and famed musician Leland Sklar. They’re playing The Loft upstairs at CW while Darlene Love and Marc Cohn are the downstairs acts on the respective nights. Does City Winery have overnight packages? We’ll just sleep there!

Pop singer HALSEY is reportedly mad at Allure Magazine. Why? Pronouns! I’ve seen this problem, too, with Demi Lovato. We love and respect these artists but the pronoun conundrum goes against all standards of English. So journalists and editors have a problem because it’s ingrained in us. Doesn’t mean we don’t get it. “They” is plural and makes no sense. So we’ll have to watch the pronouns and just use nouns like ‘gifted artist’ or ‘talented singer.’



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