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The Hollywood Foreign Press is truly trying to commit suicide.

The still have no Black members after months of scandal. They’ve lost their TV show, 200 publicity firms have turned against them, and their TV production company’s parent is trying to buy them out.

You’d think they’d get the message that the clock is ticking on their era. It’s almost over.

But now they’re featuring an interview with Nick Loeb, Hollywood pariah and producer-actor of anti-abortion movie literally no one wants to hear about.

The writer, HFPA member Kirpi Uimonen Ballesteros, has protected Tweets. But the Golden Globes website has Tweeted out a link to her feature on their website. The actual interview with Loeb is by HFPA journalist Michele Manelis.

Loeb is the ex boyfriend of Hollywood actress Sofia Vergara. He pursued her relentlessly and fruitlessly though the court to get access to fertilized eggs the two had frozen for possible future use. Loeb actually thought he could have children with Vergara after they broke up and wouldn’t stop until the court finally shut him down.

He’s the son of John Loeb, a former Ambassador, who has unlimited funds from decades of family wealth. Other than “Roe v. Wade,” Loeb’s anti-abortion film starring right winger Jon Voight, his main accomplishment in life is merchandising a failed condiment called Onion Crunch.

Manelis’s conversation with Loeb would seem like the wrong topping on the wrong meal. It’s not like “Roe v. Wade” was well received. It has a 14% on Rotten Tomatoes. It was barely released and made no money. Its cast includes other pariahs Stacey Dash, Tomi Lahren, Milo Yiannopoulos.

One reviewer, Joey Magidson, wrote: “Roe v. Wade is not just sure to be the worst film of 2021, it’s among the worst of the past several years. Barely a movie, it’s not even coherent as conservative propaganda.”

But this is who the HFPA is featuring on their site. Good luck, and good night.


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