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Prince Harry — I have a theory now that he’s trying to drive his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, into retirement or worse by embarrassing and annoying her so much that she’ll step down.

Harry — who has no last name — will publish a memoir with Random House in 2022. If it’s really bad, and Queen Elizabeth is still in charge, she will concede the throne to Charles, who’s been waiting his whole life for something to do.

Harry says he’s not writing the book as a prince but as the man he’s become. That’s a man who gone from sympathetic to villainous in a short time as he racks up paydays at Netflix, Apple, and now Random House. It’s unclear after the Oprah interviews, etc what’s left to say, unless he’s going to admit that Charles isn’t his father.

The book is being written by J.R. Moehringer. Advance is unknown, but if he got less than a million bucks, everyone would be surprised.

PS Already a selection of Oprah’s book club!

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