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Disney has it, CBS has it, why not CNN? They’re going the “Plus” route in early 2022, adding a subscription streaming service called CNN+ or CNNPlus.

Let’s cut to the chase: “CNN will continue to have a single app where CNN+ subscribers can access CNN+ programming and pay TV subscribers can get the TVE experience they have enjoyed for many years. The app will include CNN’s linear TV feeds of CNN, CNN International, HLN and CNN en Español channels, which will be available exclusively for pay TV subscribers. If pay TV subscribers choose to maximize their experience, they can also subscribe to CNN+ to access the full CNN+ programming all in one place.”

Programming will be all the documentaries like the ones about Jackie Collins, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gilda Radner, specials, Stanley Tucci’s Italy shows, all the Anthony Bourdain series, and so on.

How much will it cost? They don’t say. $7.95? How many of these subscriptions do people have? I’m curious. Or have they just replaced magazine subs?

According to a press release, the leadership of CNN+ includes:

Andrew Morse, chief digital officer for CNN Worldwide, is the executive in charge of CNN+, with oversight of the content, product development and business operations of the platform.

Alex MacCallum, CNN Worldwide’s head of product is the general manager of CNN+, with oversight of product development, customer acquisition and marketing, strategy and growth and revenue operations.

Rebecca Kutler, senior vice president and head of programming for CNN+, is overseeing the development, production and programming of live and taped programs for CNN+.

Courtney Coupe, senior vice president of content strategy and operations for CNN+, is overseeing the strategy, curation and programming of content on CNN+, as well as community management.

Robyn Peterson, CNN Worldwide’s chief technology officer, is overseeing the team of technologists and engineers developing a world class platform and user experience for CNN+.

CNN’s Original Series and Films unit, led by CNN Worldwide executive vice president for talent and content development, Amy Entelis, is developing new series and films for the platform. Vice president of program development Katie Hinman will lead the development and production of external series for CNN+, working with Jon Adler, vice president of program development for CNN Original Series.

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