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WEDS MORNING: Total is up to 178,000. That’s it. There are a lot of questions about how “Permission” is being listed as number 1 anywhere. The fact is, it’s number 14 or 15 on iTunes.

MONDAY MORNING update: Total sales through Saturday are 161,000 all in. Downloads (included) are 46,400. The song is number 19 on iTunes.


EARLIER BTS may stand for Better Luck Next Time.

After a string of hits including recent ones like “Butter” and “Dynamite,” K Pop group BTS has pooped out.

Their new single, “Permission to Dance,” has seriously flopped. After one week, it’s number 17 on iTunes.

According Buzz Angle Music, “Permission” has been denied everywhere. Total sales including streaming are just 150,000. That includes 45,000 paid downloads. Most of the sales are streaming, and they are minor compared to other hits on the charts this summer.

Compare that number also with the single, “Butter,” released in May. “Butter” has sold 1 million copies so far, including 207,000 downloads.

But “Permission” may have come out too soon on heels of “Butter.” It’s also a rare failure for factory like songwriters Ed Sheeran and Johnny McDaid, who’ve had hits with Justin Bieber and others. Sheeran has a hit himself right now in the top 5 called “Bad Habits,” which typifies his own bad habits in songwriting. (Sheeran is still dodging a lawsuit over one song by the Marvin Gaye estate.)

What’s next for BTS? Stay tuned…

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