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All Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is for you to fork over some dough. (It’s tough out there when you have that triple A lifestyle.)

That’s why Mariah, who can’t perform live right now and isn’t selling CDs, is moving into merch big time.

She’s hawking a line of Christmas products starting now with the holidays five and a half months away.

On Lootcrate.com you can order Mariah’s Christmas box for $49.99.

Her LootCrate contains ornaments and gifting essentials “like baker’s twine and exclusive gift labels to holiday baking treats like an exclusive cookie plate.”

The twine, I guess, can be used for lots of things besides wrapping gifts. Not included are Mariah’s Christmas records, the sales of which now account for 99% of her business all year.

Also not included: any of Nick Cannon’s new children.

Is this why Mariah left RocNation Management? Was Jay Z asking her not to do this? Well she had a vision of cash, and all that it was meant to be.


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