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Isn’t Caitlyn Jenner running for governor of California?

In her spare time, she’s flown into Australia to be a guest on “Big Brother” in that country. And the people are outraged. Residents of Oz are locked out of re-entering their country because of COVID restrictions. But Caitlyn had no problem surmounting that obstacle.

According to the New Zealand Herald, there are thought to be as many as 34,000 Australians overseas who are trying to get home, yet just 3000 weekly spots. That’s down from a cap of almost 6500 last week after the Federal Government agreed to further limit arrivals in an attempt to lessen the risk of further Covid-19 leaks from hotel quarantine.

It’s so hard to get back into Australia for the poeple who live there that a Stranded Aussies Network has formed on the internet.

The former Bruce Jenner, ex-husband of Kris Jenner and father/step brother of the greedy, gross Kardashian-Jenner, doesn’t seem to care about the problems in Australia. An inveterate poster to social media, she’s failed to mention her trip or new job to her followers.


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