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Remember when we were all excited about Dick Wolf having the whole of Thursday night this season?

Not happening.

“Law & Order For the Defense” just never happened. NBC announced the new show in May, making Thursday all Wolf, all L&O with “SVU” and “Organized Crime.” Carol Mendelsohn of “CSI” fame was producing.

But it turns out no one was “For the Defense.” They never cast the show. Sources confirm for me that Wolf’s company never actually knew what it was about, there were no scripts. It was just a title.

Who can blame Dick? He has so many shows on the air, it’s not possible to run them all. He’s got three “FBI” shows on CBS. He’s got three other shows on NBC with the “Chicago” trilogy. Obviously, someone forgot to actually map out “For the Defense.”

But you know, it’s July 15th. What were they doing all this time? No one asked me, but I’d say that “For the Defense” sounded like the original “Law & Order.” Maybe they should just revive the classic. Instead of having “Law & Order OG” it could be “OG Law & Order.” Where the heck is Dann Florek?

Now NBC has a sinkhole on Thursdays at 10pm which they’ll fill with more episodes of “Organized Crime” and eventually “The Blacklist.”

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