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Hmmm… here’s an interesting twist.

The New York Times and LA Times are reporting that Dick Clark Productions’ owner, holding company Eldridge which is owned by Todd Boehly, Zoomed with members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association today.

Boehly, who also owns MRC (so many names) and is in business with Variety owner Penske Media, wants to buy the Golden Globes.

In short: the Globes are in the middle of a scandal voer having no Black members and were put on hiatus by NBC for this coming winter. Dick Clark, NBC, and Boehly are losing millions in the process. They want to wrest away control of the Globes from the HFPA, restore some integrity, and get back on the air.

Will the HFPA agree? The NY Times says: “the core components involve the speedy addition of 50 journalist voters to the current group of about 80, with an emphasis on diversity; the creation of a spinoff, for-profit Golden Globes company in partnership with Eldridge that would be governed by a 15-member board; and tougher and more transparent requirements for reaccreditation as an H.F.P.A. member, which must be done annually.”

Well, good luck getting the HFPA to agree to this. They love the money from NBC and love spreading it around. The power of the Globes is all they’ve got. But they might be persuaded to do something like this if NBC otherwise never allows them back on the air.

What I don’t understand is why the HFPA has done nothing for months now to fix their situation. They seem lost. By now they could have added a dozen Black members and shown a good faith effort to right their ship. But so far, zip.

Stay tuned…


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