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HBO’s “White Lotus” was no “Mare of Easttown” on Sunday night, more of a deputy mayor.

The first episode of the limited series pulled in just 420,000 viewers in fast overnights. It may pick up a few more fans in delayed viewing, but basically, that’s it.

Will “White Lotus” blossom and become a water cooler show? I’m not sure that’s possible. Unlike “Mare,” this mini series is static. There’s no mystery laid out up front, and the characters are a little weasely.  They’re white and rich and not very interesting. Jennifer Coolidge is thrown in, and we love her, but unless she kills someone soon, forget it.

The big shocker in the first episode is that Steve Zahn whipped out his manhood and grasped it full frontal with a close up on his scrotum. I think we could have all done without that. Was that supposed to be cutting edge? Sexy? Even Connie Britton, who plays his wife, was unimpressed.

“White Lotus” is really just “Fantasy Island” or any of the other 80s Aaron Spelling shows like “Love Boat” or “Hotel.” It’s just a summer filler until the good stuff comes back.

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