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Here’s an update on the earlier story about the Golden Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and Eldridge Partners aka Todd Boehly.

According to my sources, around 60 of the almost 90 members of the HFPA were on the Zoom call today with Eldridge hearing the proposal. I’m told the group is favorably inclined to the deal being offered.

The HFPA is NOT Selling the Golden Globes to Boehly. What I’m told, in fact, is that the HFPA will continue in its present form with added members as a 501 c3 foundation, so their philanthropy and other activities will continue unchanged, but with a more diverse membership.

The big change is that they will partner with Eldridge on a Limited Liability Corporation for the Golden Globes and any other broadcasts. That company will not be registered as a charity, but for profit. The Eldridge proposals will be instituted, so that journalists will be added to the group at large, diversity will be instituted, and there will be more checks and balances.

But this way the Golden Globes will be separate from the HFPA’s other responsibilities, and voting on the Globes, etc will answer to the new LLC.

It does sound like a solid solution to the Globes’ current issues.

And I can tell you exclusively that once this is settled, the HFPA will announce their 2021 grants and philanthropic donations as they have done every summer. So we can expect that in late August. Maybe if Eldridge can sort this all out. NBC will re-think the 2022 hiatus and re-schedule the Globes for later in January, after the Critics Choice Awards on January 9th, 2022.

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