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Scarlett Johansson might reconsider making another “Black Widow” movie.

Disney was unusually forthcoming with its box office report today for the Marvel movie.

They released the info that “Black Widow” made $60 million on Disney Plus, where subscribers had to pay $30 extra to see it on the service. That’s two million people who checked it out from home.

At the box office, “Black Widow” made another $80 million. That brings the US domestic number to $140 million. Wow.

The Disney Plus number is important because so far the studio has not told us what its other releases have done based on the extra fee. None of the studios have fessed up their streaming numbers. But Disney must be pretty thrilled with that $60 million.

Add international box office, the grand total for the weekend was $215 million. Disney-Marvel broke even and made some dough in their first weekend. From here on, it’s gravy. Of course, “Black Widow” jumps forward at the very end with a post-credits scene that falls in the timeline after “Avengers Endgame.”

But the writers can always cook up another story for Natasha. Fans will go along with anything they can imagine. Scarlett, however, may not want to jump around anymore after playing Natasha in many films. We’ll see…

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