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Some movie updates…

Faye Dunaway is joining what you might call a B or C movie featuring Hollywood pariah Kevin Spacey. Franco Nero, the Italian actor and director of bad movies, is behind “The Man Who Drew God.”

The role was supposed to go to Vanessa Redgrave, who is Nero’s wife, but she is too smart to get involved with this nonsense. (Vanessa’s had enough controversy in her life.) We’re always sympathetic to Faye even on her crazier days, but this is a terrible idea. I hope she gets a decent paycheck out of it.

The movie hasn’t been made, they’re selling the rights in Cannes. Will it ever be made? Will we ever see it? Who knows?

GUYS AND DOLLS was made back in 1955  by the other “Mank,” the talented one, brother Joseph. Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Jean Simmons, Vivian Blaine, and Stubby Kaye starred in it, and it’s a classic. Since then there have been numerous Broadway and stage productions.

So it’s time to remake it, I guess. Sony/Tri-Star owns the rights. Bill Condon, who knows what he’s doing from “Chicago” and “Nine” and the live action “Beauty and the Beast,” has tapped as director.

What happens next? Will someone ruin the screenplay by making it woke and PC? Or will they stick to the story? What’s your bet Nicely Nice goes to Kevin Hart? Who will play Nathan Detroit? Leo? Gosling as Sky Masterson? Emily Blunt as Adelaide? We’ll see how this plays out…

CONDOLENCES TO ROBERT DOWNEY JR. His beloved dad, Robert Sr., director of “Putney Swope” and a trailblazer in indie cinema, has died at age 85. He was a lovely guy and a talented filmmaker who influenced many. Condolences to his family and friends, who are many.


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