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Last night’s Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals pitted the Montreal Canadiens against the Tampa Bay Lighting.

The winner? “The Bachelorette.” ABC’s moronic soap opera scored 3.3 million viewers vs hockey’s 2.56 million on NBC. Puck you, NHL!

“The Bachelorette” is still bringing in low numbers, but now the NHL managed to go lower. CBS’s “The Neighborhood” almost tied the Chris Harrison-less dating game show with 3.02 million.

And this was even with Montreal winning the game, and thwarting Tampa Bay’s chance of winning the Stanley Cup with four games in a row! That drama was less important than which of those numbskulls Katie kissed and bestowed a rose.

Chris Harrison should have gotten tickets to the game and sat where the cameras could see him. Now that would have been a twist worthy of Bachelor Nation!

By the way, the worst show on TV this summer, ABC’s “The Celebrity Dating Game,” which follows “The Bachelorette,” had 1.54 million viewers.

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