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I guess there will be an “F 10.” The most recent movie in the “Fast and Furious” saga, “F9,” will cross the $500 million mark internationally today or tomorrow. There was a surge on Saturday in the US, bringing the domestic box office to $117 million.

If you add over $200 million from China, and then factor in the rest of the world, “F9” is a post pandemic phenom. It was good mainstream entertainment at the moment everyone needed it. So there will be more and more of these things.

For Universal Pictures, it’s a big weekend. “F9” is number 1, the “Boss Baby” sequel is number 2, and “The Forever Purge,” a B movie about a Mexican drug cartel, with lots of shoot outs, is number 3. Can’t beat that!

Disney’s “Cruella” continues to be a late starter and a surprise still-blooming hit. They’re up to $76 million now, eyeing $80 million and hoping for more. Deserved!

The “Sparks” doc sparked little interest, made $24,000 over the weekend.


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