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Finneas writes on Twitter just now:

“For specifically the people who follow me- I have a tour routed for the fall- we’re announcing it soon. I cannot wait to play for you all again. We can’t do that if this variant takes off. Please get vaccinated, please encourage your friends and family to get vaccinated.”

He’s right. Everyone must get vaccinated. What’s taking so long?

Finneas will hit the road before his sister, Billie Eilish, starts her tour in February 2022. I’m sure he’ll be in much small venues, and he’ll have to be packaged with someone since he has no record of his own to ride coattails on.

I’m curious to see how this will work because Finneas writes much of Billie’s music but stands in the background like Richard Carpenter but even more so. It seems clear he’s got the potential to become a major songwriter, but it’s unclear how tied he is to Billie and vice versa. I guess we’re about to see what’s up with all this.

Billie’s tour is technically sold out to ticket brokers who have then flipped all the tickets to secondary sellers. On sites like Seat Geek, thousands of tickets are available. Billie’s tour, in big arenas, is asking up to $450 for General Admission standing room tickets on the floor. Plenty are currently available.

As for Finneas, the Bottom Line would have been the place for him. I hope he books the City Winery or Cutting Room, keeps it low key.

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