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Here’s a new twist on Lifetime films.

That’s Lifetime, home of insipid romance and kidnap movies.

Now they’ve got talented actor Boris Kodjoe in his directing debut with a thriller called “Safe Space,” coming in 2022.

Drea DeMatteo of “The Sopranos” fame and MacKenzie Astin (great actor, brother of Sean) will play psycho killers who terrorize a Black family with an autistic son. Sounds like fun!

The crazy couple forces Kodjoe’s real life wife, actress Ari Parker, and real life autistic actor Nik Sanchez, into a panic room where they “must use all of their strength and intelligence to outsmart the intruders to save themselves.” Sanchez’s character has inadvertently recorded the couple murdering their next door neighbor, so now his recently widowed mom, Parker, has to protect him from them.

Nneka Gerstle wrote the script. This should do a lot for race relations, right? But’s a Lifetime movie, so you know Drea and Matteo will be violently killed by Parker in the, frightening minutes. Mom and son will hug, and move to a mansion.

I can’t wait for the Will Ferrell-Kristen Wiig parody of “Safe Space.” Maybe they can do it on “SNL.”


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