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The Michael Jackson Broadway musical, “MJ,” is having a rough time.

Ephraim Sykes, Tony nominated for “Ain’t Too Proud,” has moonwalked right outta there after being attached to the show for two years.

Sykes says he’s leaving to make a feature film, whatever that means. So far, there’s no indication of what that would be.

In his place comes a completely unknown entity, Myles Frost. No credits on Broadway or in film. On his Instagram page, he sings convincingly like Michael Jackson. Can he dance? He must be able to or Lia Vollack, the astute producer, wouldn’t have hired him.

But without Sykes, there’s no draw from the show. It’s just about Michael Jackson. And so far, ticket sales are grim. They’re not moving. At all. A look through Ticketmaster reveals seas of blue dots, meaning unsold seats, every night from the beginning of previews in December through opening night in February.

Sykes, who’s been hanging around since 2019, may have just gotten frustrated. Frost could be a “find,” a gem, an overnight sensation. But with no advance sale, “MJ” is going to depend entirely on rave reviews or they’re going to wind up posting a closing notice next February.

Note to the legions of Michael Jackson fans: tickets are available. At decent prices. Don’t stop til you get enough.

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