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“The Right Girl” is the name of the musical with songs by Diane Warren, directed by Tony winner Susan Stroman.

The musical is opening in the wrong place at the right time. Written by a woman who says she was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein, “The Right Girl” will play a workshop in Schenectady, New York, a four hour drive from Weinstein’s prison in Buffalo.

The autumn tryout (October- November) will be at the famed Proctor’s Theater in upstate New York, in Schenectady. Don’t ask me where that is or how to get there. But apparently people in the know theater wise have that information.

The show follows Eleanor Stark, who becomes the Chief Creative Officer of film and television studio Ambrosia Productions, and works side by side with some of the most powerful men in the industry, one of whom has been abusing women all along.

Co-written by Louisette Geiss and Howard Kagan, “The Right Girl” is based on Geiss’s experiences in Hollywood. She worked as a screenwriter until 2008 when she said she was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein. Since 2017, Geiss has spoken out about her experiences and worked to empower other survivors of sexual harassment to tell their stories.

Warren just saved a rogue cow in downtown Los Angeles from a tragic fate. He’s going to live at Farm Sanctuary thanks to Warren. Bravo! And after 12 Oscar nominations, she’s looking at number 13 with the song “Somewhere You Do,” sung by Reba McEntire from the movie “Four Good Days.” Apparently, “Four Good Days” starring Glenn Close has turned into a streaming hit. It’s number 3 among all digital films on iTunes, etc. The movie has hit a nerve. And the song, of course, is a winner.

updated June 28th.


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