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The second hour of the Daytime Emmys was fairly preposterous.

I watched it while the Yankees battled the Red Sox.

“General Hospital” won Best Soap, which was fine. Kelly Clarkson picked up her second award of the night. But Tamron Hall lost to the deceased Larry King for Best Informational Host. Really? Frankly, Tamron Hall was really snubbed by this show and these awards. Very embarrassing.

Two of the hammiest actors on soaps won Best Actor and Actress, Maurice Benard of “General Hospital” and Jacqueline Wood of “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

“Red Table Talk” won another award despite it not being on television. The Daytime Emmys really did themselves a disservice including a streaming show on the internet with actual TV productions. I don’t get that.

Because the Daytime Emmys were on CBS they shoved “Drew Barrymore” into as many slots as possible. CBS owns “Drew” and is trying to push it to anyone who will listen. It doesn’t seem to be working.

Larry King, really? It was one thing to give him a tribute, but he was long past his prime in the last few years. He was doing actual infomercials. Plus, he was never on daytime. I’d love to know what went on in the background on that one.

And so another year of Daytime Emmys comes twaddling to an end. Back to the Yankees and Red Sox!

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