Home Music Joni Mitchell Sales of “Blue” Skyrocket in Four Days as 50th Anniversary...

Joni Mitchell, as she’s said, can’t believe it.

But her 50 year old album, “Blue,” is selling like crazy.

Over 4,000 copies were sold from Friday through Tuesday. Also over 1,000 copies of her “Joni Mitchell Archives Vol. 1” were sold last week.

“Blue,” which was never number 1 in 1971, has now held that position all week on iTunes. It’s also at the top of Amazon.

Hurray for Joni! It’s as if McDonald’s eaters were suddenly devouring a five star meal. They can’t get enough of it! Wait til they hear “Court and Spark” and “The Hissing of Summer Lawns.” They’ll go out of their minds!


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