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I’ll take Guest Hosts Who Flopped for Four Hundred.

Mayim Bialik’s second week of guest hosting was a little better than her first, but not by much.

“The Big Bang Theory” star managed to improve her first week by adding 300,000 viewers. She went up to 5.1 million average viewers, an increase from 4.8 million the week before.

This still left her 1 million viewers shy of the January numbers with Ken Jennings, and well below most of the guest hosts so far.

Even so, Mayim’s second week showed that she picked up some heat along the way. Either that, or people came back from vacations. Who knows?

Savannah Guthrie is hosting now. We’ll see how she did next week. There are still several guest hosts coming, but the one everyone is waiting for is LeVar Burton. Some toward the end of the summer, like Joe Buck, I just don’t understand.

In other syndication news, “Live with Kelly and Ryan” is still number 1, although they fell a bit the week ending June 13th, too. And reruns of “Drew Barrymore” fell to just 400,000 viewers. “Ellen DeGeneres” picked up a little, to 900,000 viewers, that week as well.


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