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“NCIS” is getting good at replacing aging cast members who want a rest.

First it was Linda Hunt, who will be supplemented by Gerald McRaney in next season’s “NCIS Los Angeles.”

Now it’s Mark Harmon, who’s made a zillion dollars on the “NCIS” mothership as Gibbs. He’s said to be cutting back to just a few episodes this coming season, probably during sweeps. Mark Harmon turns 70 on September 2nd, believe it or not.

So into the fray comes Gary Cole, known more in recent years for romantic roles– playing Christine Baranski’s husband on “The Good Fight” — and quipping ironically on “Veep.” Cole is a terrific actor, and capable of snarkier stuff than Harmon. If he’s coming in to run the NCIS squad, the show might actually get a hip tone.

“NCIS” is also adding Katrina Law,  as a series regular, as Special Agent Jessica Knight, She’s already been on this season and takes the place of Emily Wickersham, who left after 8 seasons. If “NCIS” is going to keep going through Season 20 in 2023, and beyond, they’ll be swapping out more expensive, older actors with younger ones. That’s the way it goes in the Navy. (Are they still in the Navy?)

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